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Afram Plains North: NDC Grassroots gives leaders 5-day ultimatum to address party issues | politics

Some party executives and members of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Kwahu Afram Plains North have given their leaders a 5-day ultimatum on some key issues that could affect the party if not addressed.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, Ayitey Sampson, Kwaekese Bampoe Branch Chairman, addressed journalists in Donkorkrom and raised concerns about the NDC’s decision to initiate the branch registration exercise to record its members’ database nationwide.

On behalf of the base he said; “Unfortunately, this beautiful initiative by the NDC here in the Kwahu Afram Plains North is crushing the party and will continue to wreak havoc on the party’s fortunes in the coming elections and beyond.”

He accused the constituency leader, secretary and some other executives of saying ‚ÄúThese leaders are engaged in actions that are merely harmful or pervasive, but lead to what no political party will desire in the long run. While some branches were denied access to their registration books for the two-week registration window, others were lucky enough to have access to their books and have their members’ names sanitized with correction fluid.”

Read the following press release from Afram Plains North NDC members:

press release

fmr. President Mahama, Father, leader of the NDC and the ultimate hope of the Ghanaian people, National Chairman Hon. Ofosu Ampofo, Secretary General Johnson Asiedu Nketia, national and regional leaders, party fathers and mothers and all other well-meaning partisans.

Members of the National Democratic Congress Afram Plains North welcome you, men and women of the press, to this very important and urgent address.

This is the first time in the life of Afram Plains North NDC since 1992 that we branch leaders have brought the pain and anguish together to use this medium to channel our grievances. Afram Plains is the nation’s food basket and also the voting basket of the National Democratic Congress.

In addition to the constant problems that have plagued Afram Plains over the years, there is now a colossal system failure on the part of the NDC in Afram Plains North; A party that should be the ultimate alternative for lazy Nana Akufo Addo-Bawumia leadership is now in mortal danger in Afram Plains North.



It was a clear thought when the NDC decided to introduce branch registration to maintain a database of their members nationwide. Unfortunately, here in the Kwahu Afram Plain North, this beautiful initiative by the NDC is crushing the party and will continue to wreak havoc on the party’s fortunes in the coming elections and beyond. The constituency chair, the secretary, and some other leaders are engaged in actions that are not only harmful or pervasive, but will lead to what no political party will desire in the long run.

While some branches were denied access to their registration books for the two-week window registration, others lucky enough to be able to access their books had their members’ names sanitized with correction fluid. Even more alarming are cases where different sides of some branches have been strategically ripped away. All of these self-inflicted discrepancies, authored by some constituency leaders, aim to disenfranchise their victims at the branch levels. For the cabal, who are at the center of this heinous crime against party members, they have only one agenda, and that is to eliminate perceived members who oppose their covert, illegitimate and malevolent agenda.

For the NDC party in general, these victims are unable to pay their dues because their names have been cleaned, their ID numbers changed and hidden from them.
All petitions forwarded to the National Secretariat for Reparations have all yielded, but nothing. Nobody answered us or even tried to call us to assuage feelings. The national leadership is equally complicit in polluting the guilt of this cabal, consciously associating with them and refusing to cleanse them.


Ladies and gentlemen, men and women of the press. We want to explain this clearly to former President Mahama, who is now the father and leader of the NDC in opposition. This will help Mr. Mahama understand why the NDC is in opposition today. Since 1992, Afram Plains North has enjoyed a smooth transition of power from one NDC MP to another through free, fair electoral processes. To the best of our knowledge, the current MP is the Hon. Betty Krosby Mensah is seeking a third term after eight successful years in Parliament. It is also evident that some national, regional and constituency leaders are supporting her third term. These leaders on the national and regional fronts are sacrificing party procedures and have technically refused to be present for the two-week limited constituency registration exercise. Although all other 32 constituencies in the Eastern Region had a smooth registration schedule for the branch elections, only Afram Plains North was treated as if the party was under martial law. All attempts to get these national and regional delegations to work in the constituency ended in stone. They blatantly refused to be here, indicating that a higher authority was controlling them from afar. The limited two-week registration exercise ended on September 8th. A political swamp?


It is a common reality and a natural law of succession in which one generation plays its part and gives another the stage to advance the course of human experience. Well, maybe not so much in Afram Plains North, where the notion of a divine right to guidance emerges, transcending the categories of time and enduring within a clique, a “chosen” race, even in the face of changing norms and times. A monstrous phenomenon promoting the creation of hate for the NDC party in which angry thousands of youth are running to the NPP here in the Northern Afram Plains.
After successfully preventing the regional and national teams from overseeing the registration of new members when running for the election, MP the Hon. Betty Krosby Mensah and her constituency secretary, along with others, have trek through all branches to compile their slate of delegates. An exercise that is illegal and unlawful if there is no re-election of branch office executives. How did we get here as a party?


Hardworking men and women of the press, dear party members, we would like to take this opportunity to thank His Excellency former President Mahama and everyone else who wishes the NDC well, on the results of both the NDC and the NPP in the 2016 and 2020 general elections to remember .

Election 2016
Betty Krosby Mensah NDC
…18,121 votes

Isaac Okoree NPP
…..4,795 votes

Election 2020
Betty Krosby Mensah NDC
….18,543 votes

Isaac Okoree NPP
8,605 votes.

In 4 years, the NDC candidate added just 422 votes to what she received in 2016. While the NPP candidate added a whopping 3,810 votes. Similarly, President Mahama, who was not a resident of the constituency, received 21,793 votes in 2020. An additional vote of 3,250 more than the NDC nominee resident in the constituency. Do these numbers tell the political elites anything?

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the story at Northern Afram Plains NDC is not good. There is mediocrity, there is nepotism, there is incompetence, there is incompetence, there is propaganda and there is dictatorship. Every year we lose our members to the NPP because of these self-inflicted splits.

Things have fallen apart and the center can’t hold anymore. Under the supervision of the constituency chair and constituency secretary, the NDC Afram Plains North has gone from a failed party to a dead party. There is no constituency conscience, there is no regional conscience. There is no conscience at the national level. The result is a party groping in the dark, a party at a crossroads, and members are thrown into unprecedented confusion.

Though bad leadership and corporate ineptitude have regularly plagued the NDC here in Afram Plains North, it has never been so bad. The party has never been more divided along ethnic and religious lines than it is today.

The tension in the party is palpable and another poor performance seems imminent. There’s anger, there’s fear, and there’s age-old resentment. There is something to be learned from the political developments in Hohoe Constituency in the Volta Region, where we left our pot unattended and our food is now on fire. Hohoe’s woes actually began to this day when we auctioned off this seat to the NPP. We are not doomsayers, but the writings are plain on the wall.

We are quite certain, ladies and gentlemen, that if the party intelligently dealt with these apparent divisions and mafiaism in Afram Plains North, we could regain our former glory and power by finding a man who could master the subtle alchemical Art knows how to appeal to people.

We use this medium to appeal to His Excellency Former President Mahama to help by soothing feelings in these times of seething maelstrom of disagreement. It is also our request that Mr. Mahama consider for himself the implications of these atavistic and anti-villain tendencies. As Social Democrats, we will be available for any committee set up with the vision to rename and unify the party here at Afram Plains North. A committee that works with systemic methodology, cold-blooded disposition and calculating mind as cool as Cucumber.

Ladies and gentlemen, men and women of the press, thank you and thank you for coming. God bless us all and the NDC.


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