Best Way To Cover Scent For Deer Hunting

Making your own deer hunting cover scent is a great way to ensure that you smell like your surroundings and save some money. Photo courtesy of wildlife research center.

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Body odor is produced by the growth of bacteria when you sweat.

Best way to cover scent for deer hunting. While most people are excited about the. Each 1 oz bottle contains urine that is. Begin with a sound system of scent elimination and reduction.

Don't get it on your hands, boots, or clothing. Baking soda can do wonders for controlling your scent. Of course, i’m also positioning myself in relation to the wind direction—both during entry/exit to the stand and while hunting—to reduce the chances of deer coming downwind of me.

There are several types of hunting scent eliminator to choose from. This is inexpensive and easy to do. I put it on my boots before i head to my stand to help cover my trail to the stand.

Scent covering while deer hunting will give you the advantage and contribute to the success of your hunting trip. Body odor should not be confused with human scent. I spray just a little on the base of the tree i am in as well.

It’s best to keep them in an airtight or scent neutral container until right before you step into the woods. One way for hunters to reduce body odor is to use a soap that contains enzymes that kill bacteria. Keep your hunting clothes in a sealed container with scent wafers or dirt and leaves until you get to the woods.

Sprinkle a layer of baking soda on top of one layer, then repeat until the bag is full. These soaps can help prevent bacteria growth when you sweat. Like many archery hunters i use a cover scent that masks my human scent.

I have used fox pee as a cover scent in the past but the deer seem to take notice of the fox pee more than they do coon pee. Then, a cover scent can be used to try and disguise any persisting odor. Outdoor hunting lab deer blocker buck lure spray cover scent for deer the intense aroma and sweet flavor of apple will fill a deer’s nose and attract big bucks from further away.

Then if you choose, use the cover scent to mask any remaining odors. And use a scent eliminating spray on the inside and outside. Cover the bottoms of your boots in it before leaving the truck, and squirt a little on the ground at the base of your tree stand.

Materials we will need to make our homemade cover scents for deer and hog hunting are: Deer have a very sensitive sense of smell and use it to avoid danger. One way to cover your scent is by using baking soda.

Liquid scent applies better to surfaces As you get dressed, spray each layer of clothing with odor eliminating spray. Don’t wear your designated hunting boots anywhere but the hunt.

I have used the scent killer system for over 30 years and strongly believe in the results. Check out more hunting tips and tricks. Earthy cover scents use natural compounds to cover human body scents.

Try this out this fall and see if you can bag a big buck with your own cover scent. The three most common are earthy cover scents, deer urine, and fox urine. Covering your scent is easy and can be done a few different ways.

My scent away hunting spray made with essential oils is the best way to naturally cover your smell while in the woods without using toxic chemicals! Do not put on your boots until you’re ready to step out into the woods. Apply a very small amount to a wash cloth and put the wash cloth in a zip lock bag.

Scent control during the hunt once i’m in the tree, i’ll apply a small amount of the vanilla cover scent to the base of the trunk and then head this point i’m ready to hunt. Fill a small liquid squirt bottle with some apple cider vinegar and take it into the field with you. Apply a cover spray to your boots.

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