Blue rug juniper shrubs for sale online. This offering is for single plants of this variety.

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Groundcover juniper to look their best must have full sun, and must be on adequate soil (better than typical florida sand) and must have good drainage.

Blue rug juniper ground cover for sale. Planted on a hillside or rock garden, its aesthetic beauty will be. Grow this juniper in a full sun spot, and water once the soil has completely dried. Rapid growing, extremely low juniper.

Buy blue rug juniper online. Intense silvery blue foliage assumes light purplish tinge in winter. This juniper is great for use as a groundcover plant on steep slopes or as a wide border in landscape beds.

It will grow 7 to 12 inches a year, soon covering broad areas, or cascading down slopes or over walls. To create a lush, evergreen ground cover, plant blue rug juniper about 4 feet apart. Foliage turns somewhat purple in the winter time.

Dark blue berries generally grow on mature plants, but may not be present on cultivated plants. Excellent for large scale groundcovers or cascading over walls. Excellent as a ground cover.

Blue rug juniper is one of the best trailing junipers. Blue rug juniper planting & care. Let us take a look at some more facts and care instructions regarding blue rug juniper landscaping.

Eventually the juniper will grow over it. ‘blue pacific’ has a low growing, trailing habit and blue green foliage. In general, junipers are really great plants that are misused and abused by people who plant them.but some are better than others, and green mound, juniperus procumbens nana, is the pick of.

‘blue pacific’ is similar to ‘blue rug’ juniper and is a plant which works well on slopes with erosion problems or. This beautiful blue, creeping plant will grow to a spread of 6 to 8 feet or more and 4 to 6 inches in height. Blue rug juniper shrubs are versatile, sprawling ground cover that tolerate hot, dry locations in full sun.

Excellent for ground cover or bank planting. The juniper blue rug plant is comfortable and attractive, making it ideal for all growers and gardens. Juniperus horizontalis ‘wiltonii’ usda zone:

Blue rug juniper accent shrub is ideal as groundcover on hills for erosion control or cascading over retaining walls. In very cold regions, this blue juniper adapts well to snow and frost. Blue rug juniper cascades over retaining walls, softening the sharp lines.

This juniper can handle most soil conditions, including sandy, loamy & hard packed clay. The key is to plant it where the soil drains well and the area gets a lot of sun. Quantity 60 fully rooted 2 blue rug juniper (juniperus horizontalis wiltonii).

A ground cover juniper…truthfully, the only one i commonly recommend.hardy zone 4 to 9. Space plants 4 to 6 feet apart to allow for a dense coverage that will prevent weeds from peeking through. How to plant blue rug juniper ground cover.

Good growth habit with a full center. Audible listen to books & original These are growing in 2 inch containers.

As a groundcover, space plants 5 ft. On nov 6, 2003, terriflorida from plant city, fl wrote: The blue rug juniper is a top choice where rich coloring all year round, combined with toughness and fast, easy growth is needed.

To plant, dig a hole no deeper than the root ball and. It soon becomes a broad carpet of evergreen foliage, just a few inches tall but 6 to 10 feet across. This is an extremely durable evergreen shrub that hugs the ground with trailing branches.

Amazon web services scalable cloud computing services : Juniperus horizontalis ‘wiltonii’ grows best in usda hardiness zone 3 to 9. Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system.

This juniper is commonly used for foundation plantings, around trees and shrubs, embankment plantings, beds, rock gardens, or planted along and. Sell your original digital educational resources: The blue rug juniper is fast growing and is resistant to diseases that normally plague juniper shrubs.

Apart, (closer for faster coverage). Wilton blue rug juniper is a creeping juniper that forms a wonderful mat of blue foliage. Plant blue rug juniper ground cover in a hole double the size of the root ball.

It cascades over walls beautifully. Tall, quickly spreading 6 to 8 ft. The aromatic, pointed needles keep good color all year and the dense foliage spreads rapidly.

If you happen to find blue rug juniper for sale, you are in luck! Spreading growth habit stays low to the ground, and is easy to care for. Why i love/hate this plant:

Juniperus procumbens nana aka green mound juniper. Lovely when planted around boulders or in rock gardens, where its twisted branches can be trained to unique forms. Sandys nursery online juniper blue rug ground cover starter plant (6) 4.7 out of 5 stars 8.

Blue rug perfectly accentuates other purple and green.

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