See why more families recommend us. She has a solid chocolate coat with a single small wisp of white on her chin and a patch of white on her chest.

Chocolate Havanese Puppy Breeder East TN Havanese

When i first became interested in breeding for chocolate havanese, i began to hear an undercurrent of murmurings, little snippets of remarks that seemed to suggest that breeding chocolate havanese to chocolate havanese was taboo, ethically wrong, and an invitation to a myriad of crippling health problems.

Chocolate brown havanese puppies. Just like human babies, chocolate havanese puppies are born with blue eyes. Havanese puppies come in a wide variety of solid and mixed colors including chocolate, fawn, cream, black and tan, and others. The chocolate color in the havanese is rare in that it is a genetically recessive trait.

Our puppies only go to a hand picked select few who have filled out a detailed. Among chocolate colors, chocolate silver and dark chocolate silver are two varieties. Post ad browse log in.

Will weigh around 10 pounds. She is relatively large, for a havanese female (about 15 pounds). See why more families recommend us.

Visit our site to learn more. Is the havanese the right breed for you? Customer service is a top priority for southern silks maltese and havanese puppies.

Chocolate havanese (ckc#133) you will be able to tell a chocolate dog by her solid chocolate coat. Hattie was born july 13, 2013. However, the chocolate color might extend over the dog’s forehead and back as well.

Her coat has a silvery overtone sheen. The coat color may in fact be any color, but if the pigment (nose, eyerims, pads of feet etc) is chocolate then, your havanese is in fact a chocolate. They are highly trainable and intelligent and possesses a naturally affectionate temperament, which makes the breed the ideal family pet.

Solid white, black, brindle and sable parti puppies are occasionally available. This means that the dog’s back, ears, eyes, and back legs are in the chocolate color while the rest of its body is white. Sofie is a buff sable female.

They may also have lighter brown, amber, or golden eyes. This means that two copies of the recessive bb gene are necessary to result in the birth of a chocolate pup. Depending on the chocolate, the brown shade can vary from light to medium, as with milk chocolate, to dark, as with dark baker’s chocolate.

Our akc havanese are house pets and companions first. Emmy is a black and tan female. She is adorable inside and out!

A true chocolate will have liver or brown pigment, no black, on the nose, lips, and eye rims. We are proud to have been the breeder chosen by animal planet to represent the havanese breed on their series “too cute puppies”. Located in southern maine, 5 minutes from the maine turnpike, and situated on 40 lovely country acres.

The chocolate refers to not only the varying shades of coat colors and patterns, but to the the brown/liver colored pigment of the nose, lips and. We have shown some akc events however we are mainly a hobbyist of quality havanese. These features make the havanese more desirable.

Akc havanese adults, spayed or neutered, up to date on all vaccines and raised and loved under our roof. Sweet pea is a chocolate female. She is a snuggler, and a momma’s girl!

We offer a wealth of information for the havanese and maltese lovers of the world! But the chocolate havanese puppies are the most demandable. (to the left) is actually a red coated chocolate and callie (below) is a white coated chocolate.

Cute havanese puppies for sale akc, chocolate and white, light eyes and chocolate nose. She is a sturdy and intelligent dog with an engaging, enthusiastic, and happy personality. Their colors are rare and beautiful, chocolate parti as well as black parti.

Super sweet chocolate havanese puppy for sale purebred male has been dewormed has had his first shots and first treatment of revolution and has been vet…. The coat color may in fact be any color, but if the colored pigment of the nose, lips, eyerims, pads of feet, etc is brown/chocolate, then your havanese is in fact a chocolate. Our havanese puppies have found forever homes across the hudson valley, from albany to new york city and long island, and in new jersey, connecticut, pennsylvania, vermont, and massachusetts.

She has beautiful chocolate puppies! The lighter coloration of the eyes on a chocolate havanese, combined with its almond shape, creates an intelligent expression that appears nearly human.just like human babies, chocolate havanese puppies are born with. Chocolate is actually the pigment color of the havanese.

Havanese breeder of top akc havanese. She loves to play with her dog and people friends and travels wherever her mommy and daddy go! Chocolate havanese has blue eyes and a brownish nose.

A chocolate and white havanese can be found in several different patterns, but the most common one is tuxedo. Our beautiful akc havanese puppies are born and raised in our homes as part of our family, with lots of love and attention to their every need. Dark chocolate silver havanese are rarer than the chocolate silver havanese.

One of the more rare purebreds and chocolate being one of the rarest colors they are relatively new to akc the havanese are the perfect companion pup always full of love!

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