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Diamondback Tonneau Cover Problems

I want the cover primarily for protecting gear when going. Also had delamination with bakflip and on a second one, the panels got heavier as time went on because of water infiltration.

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From my research so far they seem to be a great choice for security, durability and water resistance.

Diamondback tonneau cover problems. I've read reviews on this site and it seems folks are pretty happy with the diamondback covers, although they don't appear to be the most popular. Because of the retrax/embark issue, i had an opportunity to reconsider my options and get a different cover, and i ended up with the diamondback. Trying to decide which tonneau cover to buy.

Also, when you load up the rack on top of the cover, you can't open the cover, which severely limits bed access. I snapped a bunch of pictures to share with anyone else who might be interested in this product. The other issue is that the trx is high and my wife.

Diamondback clearly took its time in developing this system. The diamondback tonneau cover has two detachable access panels that weigh only 30 lbs. I installed a diamondback se cover on my 2019 ram 1500 limited.

What immediately attracted me to the diamondback cover was the rugged look and the ability to support a claimed 400 pounds. The bottom box contains all three panels that make up the tonneau cover. The diamondback is, as far as i've been able to tell, an excellent tonneau cover.

The top box is diamondback's drop in storage bin. I’ve been going down rabbit holes of tonneau cover reviews, and decided to give the weathertech alloycover (rebranded lomax) a try. Before anyone says it, i've shown her plenty of pics of the best looking ones on the market already and she didn't budge.

Thinking that whenever i purchase a new truck i will go with one of these. The rails coming down from the cab onto. Pretty cool you can load stuff on top of them too.

I really like the diamondback but am concerned about it being a pita in a few scenarios. Diamondback makes a really good looking top cover. But then again, this freezing would not be an issue for you texans.

July 11, 2020 at 11:42 am #1956475. Diamondback covers is proud and excited to join the jgf community. I have had several diamondback covers on various trucks over the years, and have always been extremely happy.

Full review “ the diamondback hd is the strongest in the lineup and also has more perks for only a little more money than what it’s brothers sell for. By either checking the specific models offered for the cover, or you can measure the truck bed in preparation for buying a new cover. B) how waterproof is the cover with the rambox?

For those that have it, can you please comment on your experience: All i know after having many years of experience dealing with tonneau covers is that i would never ever buy a trifold unless it was a hard trifold and even that has been made obsolete by the rolling hard cover in my opinion. I want the security, weather protection, and toughness it.

Diamondback cover for ford maverick date: Yep, probably not 100% rain proof, but no cover is. So this has led me down the road of a tonneau cover.

If the size is right, you should check whether the cover is. The diamondback se, bakflip x4s, and bakflip mx4 were close seconds. 2021 black trx level 2.

A liftback delivery truck dropped off this pallet of parts. 1) we are campers but not haulers. One of my contractors has a diamondback hd on his truck.

The thick neoprene compression gasket that lines the perimeter of the cover (shown below) does a superb job of keeping sand, rain, and snow out of my truck bed. Feels like fully loading up the bed with gear with the diamondback on would be a real chore. Curt front receiver, custom 8 extension, & warn 8000lb receiver mount winch back or front, tekonsha prodigy brake controller dsp 16,000 lb 5th wheel hitch firestone ride rite 2445 air bags & trd rear sway bar (best, cheapest mod!)

June 24, 2021 at 3:49:23 pm edt. The pictures do not do the cover justice. Jt rubicon hydro blue with matching 3 piece hardtop, automatic, cold weather, aux switches, cloth seats, 8.4 premium audio, trailer tow package, led lighting, slush mats, cargo group, spray in bedliner.

If i were to buy another tonneau cover, i would go with diamondback. Bfg all terrain t/a ko lt265 65 r 18, diamondback se tonneau cover. The x4s seems out of stock everywhere, and i’m concerned that baddies may try cutting first before realizing there is metal beneath the vinyl.

So, you should make sure that you have purchased the right size and design cover for your particular truck; This makes it easy for you to remove it when you want to store it. If i were able to mount tracks to the bedrails that would solve the issue, but then i couldn't use the diamondback cover since it covers the bedrails.

Trying to decide which tonneau cover to buy. Even if the tonneau freezes, i would still be able to haul stuff. The only problem is that it tends to freeze during winter, making my bed inaccessible.

Given that the ridgeline has a total weight capacity in the bed of 1100 lb, the hd is probably overkill for the rl. Does anyone have a diamondback cover on their work pickup? I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a diamondback hd at this point.

Each cover is designed to fit a specific type of tonneau. With this tonneau cover, you can haul kayaks, bikes and other cargo on top of your truck bed. I guess the retractable type would work but they are expensive and one place quit selling their brand as they had problems with snow (freeze/thaw) screwing up the mechanics of it.

Weight of tent does require you to slightly push up on it to close the tailgate due to diamondback cover and seals. The panels easily connect with stainless steel locking hinges that only detach when the panels are tilted beyond 90 degree. It appears to have more opportunities for the rain to work its way into the box.

This is a great feature for me, since we usually stand on the side beds of our trucks or tonneau covers to fill deer feeders on our texas deer leases.standing on a color matched tonneau cover is not the best thing to do since the paint can be easily scratched and the.

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