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EUR Weather: Extreme heat returns to California and West – rain for Gulf and East Coast

*Temperatures in the southwest have dropped in recent days. Wednesday’s forecast shows that afternoon highs will surge above 100 in much of the west.

The end of the monsoon season seems imminent, with rains from Mexico turning east through Texas to the Gulf Coast.

The rain band along the Gulf Coast spreads into the Atlantic and runs parallel to the east coast. A series of showers are forecast to move to the northeast and reach the northern limit.

The monsoon season brought temporary relief from the drought in the southwest. The Mexican monsoon has taken an easterly turn to carry Wednesday’s rain into the Deep South.

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Wednesday’s forecast shows extreme heat will return to the desert states and rise to the high plains. The Southwest will see highs over 100 in Arizona and Southern California.

Phoenix forecast includes a high of 108 under a clear sky. Drought and wildfire problems in the west will remain a concern Wednesday afternoon. Las Vegas will peak at 110, while Salt Lake City hits triple digits.

West heatwave will bring Colorado extreme highs above 90. Denver forecast shows clear skies and a high temperature of 92.

There will be a day of mixed temperatures climbing over 90 degrees on the west coast, Sacramento and Palm Springs. Cool air will move to San Francisco and limit the high temperature to 68. The Pacific Northwest will experience extreme heat moving across the region from Oregon and Washington to Montana. Oregon’s state of emergency caused by wildfires will continue as high temperatures climb past 80.

Seattle will peak at 88 on clear skies. A high of 105 in Boise will result in weather warnings across Idaho. The heatwave will extend into Montana and push high above 95 by the afternoon.

The Deep South will experience the strongest rain and pop-up storms Wednesday afternoon. A low pressure band will stretch from north Texas to the southeast coast.

The low-pressure system is expected to bring rain and pop-up storms to the coast. Dallas and Houston will hit temps in the 90s under stormy skies.

The Gulf Coast will see rain and storms stretching from New Orleans to Tallahassee. The Florida forecast includes a mix of storms and solar radiation covering the entire state. Miami high will hit 91 with storms reaching Titusville.

Extreme heat is felt from the northern plains to the northeast. Sunny skies stretch from the northern border to the southern plains on Wednesday afternoon.

A high temperature of 92 is recorded in Bismarck. The heatwave will hit the Midwest when temperatures drop into the 80s. Along the northeast coast, afternoon highs will rise into the mid-80s. A band of rain will move into the northern Maine border to Upstate New York.
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