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How To Install Expansion Tank On Boiler

How To Install Expansion Tank On Boiler. If you go look at your boiler right now, you’ll see a smaller tank hooked to a pipe coming from the top of the main tank that enters the smaller tank from the side. I take apart the fitting commonly used bell and gossett airtrol fitting that is attached to the bottom of the closed expansion tank used on older boiler syst.

Installing an Expansion Tank
Installing an Expansion Tank from

Expansion tanks are used in hot. Access the expansion tank schrader valve and pump air into the tank while watching the boiler pressure gauge. About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators.

It Is Also Best To Install Diaphragm Type Expansion Tanks Vertically With The Piping Connection At The Top.

You are almost complete with the thermal expansion tank installation. The expansion tank is usually installed vertically, though it is acceptable to install it horizontally if it is. Check the pressure of the air inside the thermal expansion tank.

Do Mount Tank Vertically With Connection At Top:

Wrap teflon tape around the expansion tank’s threaded fitting before fastening it to the horizontal expansion tank pipe’s threaded adapter. Steel type expansion looks like a long steel drum; Open the remaining 3 valves, turn on boiler power & set the thermostat to call for heat.

Open The Isolation Valve And Turn On The Boiler.

Close the boiler water feed valve. For both of these types of expansion tanks, you can see a description and technical information below. Stop putting air into the tank when the gauge reads 25 psi.

Pressure Reducing Vavle ( Aka Automatic Fill Valve And Other Names ).

The expansion tank has two separate sections, each section divided by a diaphragm. The interior consists of two sections with a rubber. Don't worry, water from the heating system will be back in there in a jiffy.

The Expansion Tank Does The Job Of Maintaining Even Pressure Inside The Boiler By Giving Its Water A Place To Expand And A Cushion To Absorb The Pressure And Then Regulate It.

There are two basic types of expansion tanks used for hydronic applications: Expansion tanks are used in hot. Its job is to allow the necessary room for the heated water to escape as it expands.

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