Close the cover around the cushion to complete the diy cushion covers, by similarly tying up the other end. Sew along these lines, removing the pins as you go.

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Back stitch over the button plackets at the top and bottom for.

How to make a cushion cover from a shirt. Next, position your pillow inside of the shirt to determine the the placement of the pockets. This will be the front of your pillow. Place pins 1″ away from the edge of the cushion cover.

You should now have three pattern pieces: A uniform shirt, a style fluffy cushion bit lower than the top, scissors, marker or pen, buttons, tape measure, thread, and stitch are the materials for such an easy hack. To make a cushion cover, start by cutting some fabric into a rectangle that’s 2 ½ times the length of your cushion, and 2 inches wider than the width to allow for the seam.

This is the perfect way to upcycle an old shirt into a keepsake gift. Baste (large hand stitch) the button placket to. Place the back of the cushion cover (face down) on the table;

Sharp scissors suitable for cutting fabric, i used pinking shears but you can use regular straight scissors. For example, cushions are often 20×20 inches; First, cut off the sleeves of the shirt along the seams.

This means that your back covers should be 20 inches wide and 15 inches tall. Lay your buttoned up shirt flat and smooth out any creases. Use your scissors to trim the excess fabric around the pillow, leaving an extra inch of fabric around all sides to allow for the.

This cushion has a 50cm insert, minus 5cm = 45cm, plus 2cm seam allowance = 47cm square. Be sure to pin the button placket, keeping the layers aligned. The principal tool for this recreated shirt pillow covering design is a guy’s buttons up the dress.

To do this, fold the fabric from about ½ an inch from the edge. Sew the bottom edge of your top piece, as well as the top edges of your back pieces. This is the perfect way to upcycle an old shirt into a keepsake gift.

Measure your cushion pad (or check size on label) and add 3cm to each measurement to allow for 1.5cm seam allowances. If you have a square cushion cover on hand, place it on the shirt. Place the backing fabric on top of the batting (face up).

Making a cushion cover like this is super easy, no zippers required. I used 2 slightly different methods to make the 2 cushions covers. This is the perfect way to upcycle an old shirt into a keepsake gift.

You want the pockets centered on the front of your pillow. All you need to do is cut the fabric and sew in straight(ish) lines. To work out the size of your cushion squares, deduct 5cm from the width of the cushion insert, then add 2cm for seam allowances.

The cushion should be a nice, tight fit. Place the batting on top of the cushion cover. How to make a cushion cover.

How to turn a shirt into a cushion cover | sewing | diy and crafts blog | memory pillow from shirt, diy shirt, memory shirts. 15 old to new cushion cover. A sewing machine and thread.

With the shirt the correct way around, fill it with your cushion insert. Push the batting and backing fabric underneath the button placket. Pin the front and back of the shirt pillow pieces with the right sides together.

#oldclothes #cushioncover #oldtonewold clothes reuse ! The front of the pillow (the graphic) and the two back pieces (the hems). Turn the shirt back the right way and make sure the side seams are straight.

Using a ruler, set square and dressmakers’ chalk pencil, mark out this area on your fabric,. Cut the remaining top of the shirt (the graphic), the same exact measurement as your pillow (length x width). There should be at least 1″ of fabric from the shirt showing all the way around the cushion cover.

This will create straight side seams for your cushion.

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