How To Tap A Keg Of Beer. This is usually about a quarter turn. Tapping the keg properly will activate both the beer and the co2 pressure line.

Portable 5Keg Tap Bar Clowns Unlimited
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U system takes its name from the english manufacturer uec. Make sure that your keg coupler handle is lifted all the way in the up position; Lift the handle of the tap to “disengage” it.

No Need To Crank On It, Just Make Sure It’s Snug.

Pull back the lever and push down simultaneously until you feel and hear the coupler click and lock in place. If the temperature falls below 28°f, then your beer will likely freeze. You'll notice a few open slits at the top of the keg and a ball bearing in the middle.

Align The Notches With The Hole Towards The.

You’ll want to do a little bit of prep work to ensure you have the right equipment to tap a keg. Then follow these steps to tap your keg. To tap a keg with the american d, european s, or u systems, remove the plastic or cardboard cap from the top of the keg.

Turn The Keg Coupler Handle 1/4 Turn Clockwise;

You should hear the coupler unseat the keg. The second step is to line up the bottom of the tap with the keg’s mouth. No worries, as this will not make your keg beer flat.

Of Course You Need To Get Your Hands On A Keg And A Tap.

Look for notches on the keg of beer and beer coupler. Make sure that your keg coupler handle is lifted all the way in the up position; Yes, you can untap a keg with a beer in it, provided your kegging kit has only co2 inside.

The Keg Coupler Connects To The Keg Valve, Tapping.

Release the handle and it will lock into place. Do not agitate the keg. Create a layer of ice and put the keg on top, fill the rest of the bag with ice making sure the sides and top of the keg are covered, then close the bag.

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