How To Throw An Axe Two Handed

How To Throw An Axe Two Handed. Gripping the axe with two hands requires less strength and is easier to throw accurately. Dominant hand on top, both hands toward bottom of axe handle.

How To Throw An Axe Two Handed leahleedesigns
How To Throw An Axe Two Handed leahleedesigns from

Throwing the axe with two hands you should line up directly in line with the bullseye about 12 feet away from the aim, you must fix your eyes on the begin, you’ll take your position at the throwing line, placing one of your feet behind it.try and throw it with 2 hands. Bring the axe behind your head, straight back (not to one side) one fluid motion as you swing your arms up. Gripping the axe with two hands requires less strength and is easier to throw accurately.

Now Following Through With A Stiff Wrist Can Result In A Wobbly Throw, Or The Axe Not Sticking Into The Wood.

When lifting the axe for a two handed throw, don’t lift it to either side of your head, but rather lift your elbows so that the axe is raised directly above your head, keeping your elbows locked and rotating your shoulders. That white and blue competition axe doesnt work well for me either way as far as dropping, but i feel like the axe is all over the place on the board when i try throwing two handed. To throw the axe two handed, try performing the steps below all in one motion:

There Are Three Main Ways To Throw The Axe:

Start with your feet together. Start a step back from the 12ft throwing line and line yourself up with the bullseye to give yourself the best chance of smashing it. Two handed throw recommended for beginners!

Steps To Follow To Hold The Axe Correctly:

Now that you know how to throw, grab one for yourself: The axe should be picked up with a loose but strong grip at the base of the handle using your dominant hand. You’ve got 4 basic steps to follow when throwing an axe two handed:

Find A Sturdy Throwing Stance.

The dominant throwing hand grips the axe first, tightly enough to have complete control, but loose enough to let it slide out as it comes forward. Bring your arms forward and release the axe at eye level. We call this the beginner throw because it allows you to have more control of your axe.

Bring The Axe Behind Your Head, Straight Back (Not To One Side) One Fluid Motion As You Swing Your Arms Up.

You may wish to let go of your axe handles while they are in midair when throwing. Two handed throw over the head. Bring the axe directly back, over your head, with the axe head dropping down behind your head and between your shoulders.

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