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Hulu Shocker – According to the Hub, it’s the fourth most popular “standard source” for television in America

Live TV, provided by linear pay-TV services, continues to decline as the dominant “default source” for watching videos in the US, with Netflix hot on its heels.

But what surprised us about Hub Entertainment Research’s latest video usage data report is how high Hulu ranks in a ranking of the “standard sources” for American television — which is the first source viewers turn to when they’re looking at the old apartment cheer screen?

Traditional live pay-TV continues to rank #1, with 28% of the 1,600 US adult TV viewers surveyed by Hub in August citing it as their default source. Netflix ranks second at 23%, but it’s largely stagnant at that position, Hub said. The digital video recorder still ranks third with 8%.

Hulu ranks fourth at 6%, beating not only Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max, but also ahead of over-the-air antenna playback and vMVPDs.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

As Hub elegantly demonstrates, live pay TV viewing has declined significantly as the preferred viewing source, with nearly half of the market citing it as the default as late as 2016.

Netflix, on the other hand, has only increased its stake from about 15% to 23% over that time span.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

Virtual pay-TV is also stagnant — although live TV from linear pay-TV sources has declined from 34% of the market that listed it as the default source in 2019 to a current level of 28%, with Hub’s survey share vMVPDs as the default source lists source has been stable at only about 5%.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

Of course, as is so often the case with any analysis of video consumption, age plays a major role.

Just 8% of adults 55 and older cite Netflix as their default viewing source, compared to 38% of 18-34 year olds.

But 50% of adults over 55 cite live linear pay-TV as their default source, compared to just 12% of 18-34 year olds.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

Finally, live linear pay-TV remains the “most significant” source of viewing for respondents in Hub’s “Decoding the Default” reports, with 37% of respondents saying it would be the last service they would cancel.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

“At a time when the typical TV consumer consumes an average of 7.4 different sources of TV content, simple market penetration of a service is no longer a reliable measure of long-term service success,” said Peter Fondulas, principal at Hub and co – Author of the report. “A much better indicator is how engaged consumers are with each service they have — and particularly which one they consider their home base for television.”

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