This vining plant is sometimes used as a ground cover, even though it usually ends up 8 or 10 inches tall. What ground cover plants to avoid.

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Common invasive ground covers (periwinkle, english ivy and goutweed) are found throughout various areas of north america.

Invasive ground cover plants uk. The issue with these plants is that they are difficult to control and a pain to eradicate. Push a trowel into the soil beneath each plant and dig. However some species can be invasive.

It should only be planted as a complement to woody shrubs and trees. You’ll run across invasive ground cover plants almost as soon as you start your garden. Some species are highly invasive and are listed on schedule 9 of the wildlife and countryside act in england and wales.

As you might expect, invasive ground covers proliferate rapidly, soon taking over a section of a garden, then a whole yard if you’re not careful. Invasive ground covers smother other plants, including native varieties. Problems associated with invasive ground cover plants.

The popular garden variety cotoneaster horizontalis is on the list, making it an offence to plant or otherwise cause to grow these species in the wild (this includes allowing it to spread out of your garden). Invasive ground cover plants uk. Watch out for invasive species periwinkle (vinca) covers the ground quickly but can be difficult to get rid of once established.

It’s therefore advisable to choose an alternative. Native to europe and asia, these ground covers were introduced to north america as ornamental plants. A useful evergreen ground cover plant with crinkled shiny green foliage variegated pink, bronze and cream, forming a dense mat which in spring is spiked with erect whorls of blue flowers.

Spreads rapidly but is not invasive and is particularly effective under deciduous shrubs. A useful evergreen ground cover plant with crinkled shiny green foliage variegated pink, bronze and cream, forming a dense mat which in spring is spiked with erect whorls of blue flowers. Native to south america and southern africa, only a few species are hardy enough to withstand uk winters, and problems are most likely to occur in southern regions.

Our top 5 ground cover plants: Some of the most aggressive ground cover plants that can become invasive are english ivy, bugleweed, evening primrose, and creeping jenny. New shoots appear within one or two weeks or in the following growing season, but regularly removing the plant roots or leaves and stems exhausts them eventually.

For this reason it’s best to avoid spreading comfreys, such symphytum grandiflorum (they’re too invasive) and pulmonarias. Invasive plant species are stubborn and tough to get rid of, and many of them already live in your garden soil and are just waiting for fertilizer and water to make them sprout. Vigorous ground cover has its pros and cons.

‘francee' has leaves edged in bright white which repeatedly overlap to create a dense cover that weeds rarely penetrate.

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