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Mat Kilau Director Responds to Negative Netflix Reviews

Mat Kilau Director Syamsul Yusuf has dubbed himself the “happiest film director alive” after receiving a slew of negative reviews from Netflix viewers.

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Talking to the local outlet Berita Harian, Yusof said he was the “happiest film director alive,” adding, “I accept any criticism, good or bad. That’s normal for me. As long as the audience keeps watching the film.”

Explaining that it is common to receive criticism, he concluded, “What is important is that my film continues to be discussed and watched until it gains more circulation.”

Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan premiered worldwide on Netflix on September 16 in conjunction with the Malaysia Day celebrations. Now the highest-grossing Malaysian film of all time, it earned MYR 12 million in the first four days of its release, eventually earning MYR 90 million in 33 days in the most recently reported figure.

The earnings surpassed the previous record set by the horror film in 2018 Munafik 2 (also led by Yusof), which previously grossed MYR 48 million. However, some viewers were less than impressed when they watched the latest film on the streaming service.

A scathing tweet read, “Syamsul Yusof continues his unbroken streak of terrifying filmmaking. If you just pay attention to the dialogues, it also works as a comedy. Otherwise, it’s a fire hose-like stream of ahistorical Malay and Islamic symbolism,” while another user complains, “It’s like a production from the early 2000s. The color is painful to look at.”

See more reactions from viewers below.

A sequel to Mat Kilau is reportedly in the works at Kembara Studio, with studio executive Abdul Rahman Mt. Dali claiming the plot is already in the pipeline. He also revealed plans for a spin-off film that would serve as an “extension” to the saga and would highlight other characters related to the film’s main protagonist, Mat Kilau, who is also in the works.

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