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Orange Totsiyaa & How to use the flower against the predator

The following contains spoilers for Prey now streaming on Hulu.

At Hulu prey, Amber Midthunder’s hardy Naru had the difficult task of repelling a Predator that came to the Great Northern Plains in 1719. The Yautja warrior came, as was his rite of passage, to test himself, collect trophies, and prove himself worthy of being in the elite hunting circle of his kind. Although at first it seemed like Naru wasn’t equipped to attack the alien, she got help from an orange flower that turned out to be more than just medicine.

What was the orange blossom used for in the hive?

This flower, the orange totsiyaa, was used by Naru early on to mend wounds and heal others, including when one of the tribesmen went missing. A search party found the guy badly dismembered after an animal attack, so Naru applied the ground flower. The guy got chills, but as she told the angry man, his body temperature was lowered to help him heal.

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She also used it on her dog when his tail got caught in a bear trap set by French enemies on Comanche land. Naru herself was even treated with it when a mountain lion attack caused her to fall from a tree and crack her head open. Her mother applied it when her brother Taabe brought her back to the cabin, which helped Naru get back on her feet to hunt down the Predator that no one believed she had seen.

How did the orange flower help kill the Predator in Prey?

When the Yautja attacked the French, Naru treated one of their captives, Raphael. But when the Yautja returned, he tried to hide himself by playing dead. Unfortunately, although the creature could not see him with the infrared vision in its helmet, it stepped on his leg and murdered him as he screamed. As sad as that was, it showed Naru that the flower became invisible because the Yautja could only hunt warm-blooded creatures.

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It dates back to when a cold-blooded snake was killed early on, with the Yautja only seeing it because the reptile consumed a warm-blooded rat moments before. The revelation inspired the resourceful Naru to eat the flower, lower her body temperature, and set a trap for the Predator in the muddy swamp. There, Naru fought the creature with her rope axe, leaving it stuck in the swamp.

Finally, after Naru and her badass pooch baited the creature, the hunter fired his metal spikes hoping they would hit Naru. But she used the helmet’s navigation lights to deflect the projectiles back toward the Yautja’s skull. This murder cemented the importance of the traditions and heritage passed down from Naru’s ancestors as the flower evolved from medicine to nature’s most underrated weapon.

See the flower in action in Prey, currently streaming on Hulu.

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