If you want a structure that is extremely durable, it’s possible to build a shade structure out of aluminum or steel. These days, there are more decorative concrete options with the emergence of stamped concrete.

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The pros & cons of wrought iron garden furniture.

Patio cover materials pros and cons. Aluminum patio covers are easy to clean with soap and water, don’t require any sanding or special sealant and are resistant to pests and moisture. A patio cover makes it possible to have additional features like tvs or outdoor surround sound. To help you out, here are three common patio cover materials along with their pros and cons:

But like other materials, they are not without their drawbacks. An advantage of metal covers in general is that bugs are not attracted to them. When it comes to durability, concrete has a very good track record.

Also, the cost to get new awning fabric to replace old ones is. It’s made with recycled material and when it’s lived its life, can be recycled once again. However, to make the best choice, knowing the pros and cons of each material is helpful.

Concrete is a very popular option, largely because it is one of the least expensive ways to quickly build a patio. Wood alumawood patio cover colors alumawood patio covers pros and with dimensions 1280 x 960. Eventually the composite material will show signs of age and deterioration, especially if your deck is exposed to direct sunlight which makes composite material more likely fade.

In addition to being a very low cost option, there are also many benefits to choosing concrete for your patio. Retractable awnings with fabric covers can be retracted or folded when there is a storm, heavy rain, or snow that can damage the awning. A classic option for awning fabric, canvas is exceptionally strong.

If you have struggled with insects in the past, a metal cover should solve that once for all. Another con is that composite tends to sag and bend more than real wood. One of the main pitfalls of wood patio covers, however, is that they are extremely susceptible to decay and rot due to the moisture and elements.

Each type of material used to construct outdoor patio furniture has its own inherent strengths and weaknesses. It’s also one of the more affordable material options available. The concrete patio cost is the biggest pro as it is the least expensive of the 3 options;

Covered patios are more expensive. Here is a list of each of the most common types and what the do well and what they do not do well. As with any patio roof covering you need to keep a couple of basic questions in mind, including long term durability and value for money, and whether or not the style, cover and design fits in well with both the roof and your general house design.

Canvas is a great fabric choice for awnings thanks to its durability and flexibility. Wood is a beautiful and strong material that will give your patio a more naturalistic feel. Because of the roof, fans and lighting can be added to the patio.

One of the advantages of aluminum patio covers is that they are a relatively cheap option. To help you out, here are three common patio cover materials along with their pros and cons: Here are some of the pros and cons of each type.

Patio covers over decks and patios offer escape from direct sun and weather, and can make them much more useful and enjoyable. When it comes to patio covers, vinyl is perhaps the easiest out of the bunch to choose from. Materials need to be strong enough to withstand the elements for a long time, but lightweight at the same time to keep you comfortable while you’re sitting or standing underneath it.

Minimal maintenance other than occasional power washing; When unused, the awning cover can be removed if needed and stored for safekeeping. Aluminum carports (free standing or attached) can provide great shelter for your vehicles when a garage is not available.

Let’s look at some of the other pros and cons of a concrete patio. Canvas and other fabric awnings are less expensive than metal or aluminum cover awnings. Aluminum patio covers are durable for a lifetime, and that is a major plus when choosing a type of patio cover they want to install.

Garden sensibly in summer time, you may employ your garden to your advantage. The drawbacks of covered patios. Aluminum patio covers come in many styles and colors.

Some brands can also be slippery. You won’t have to deal with warping, cracking or rotting when it comes to this type of material. Aluminum patio covers tend to be less aesthetically pleasing than wooden patio covers.

Simply put, while they aren’t temporary, they aren’t associated with longevity. The biggest advantage of metal for shade structures is strength. Metal shade structures are popular especially for awnings or patio covers attached to the house.

Wrought iron outdoor and patio furniture is renowned for being heavy and sturdy. A patio cover makes it possible to have additional features like tvs or outdoor surround sound. The disadvantages of patio covers include the difficulty of moving them or adding to the size.

Patio covers can allow the outdoor space to be enclosed with walls to allow heating and cooling.

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