Last night he ate alot especially after dinner i gve him treats which he really like. Any noticeable changes in a young dog’s stools is worth a call to your veterinarian.

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At its' worse, we were going outside every 2 hours, now we are on.

Puppy has diarrhea but still playful uk. (not that your place is stressful, but it is all new for her). Most people also see blood on the dog’s stool. But if your dog is still playful and active, you may be dealing with a mild form of diarrhea that can be treated at home.

If this is the case, it should be temporary. Your puppy will likely be warm to the touch, weak, vomiting and experiencing diarrhea. Keeping your puppy on the food they came with from the breeder will help to avoid issues in the first few weeks while your puppy is settling in.

Diarrhea is one of those frustrating symptoms for owners because it can mean that your puppy has anything from a potentially lethal virus to simple indigestion. After your pup has been exposed to the virus, he is going to show symptoms in about five to ten days (the typical incubation period of the virus). Don't take risks with a young puppy and diarreah.

If she has additional symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, abdominal pain, blood in the diarrhea, vomiting and fever (rectal temperature greater than 103.5 f) then you need to see your veterinarian as soon as possible. Symptoms of diarrhea in dogs. I would still take her in to see a vet young pups can go down hill so quickly bloody mucousy diarreah in a 14 week old puppy is not right.

My dog has had diarrhea for the last 3 days, but acts normal. Contact your vet immediately if diarrhea lasts more than a couple days, is liquid, has blood, or is. Diarrhea aside, your dog should be otherwise acting like her normal self;

Today, he ate only a small amount then roam around the house and start crying or howling. I recommend 25% dog food with 75% bland food to start, then 50/50, then 75/25. This one has been going on for about a week.

Current food for the past month and a half is acana large puppy breed kibble. She is only a tiny girl and is always very playful and happy. As we stated above, chronic diarrhea occurs with more regularity and is the symptom of a chronic disease or medical condition.

Most dogs will not last this long, so if your dog has more than 24 hours of diarrhea, it. He dont eat much, has diarrhea for almost 4 days, and very noisy. My puppy is 1month and 1week old.

I put him on a bland diet and it seems to clear up, but then it returns. Most importantly, even if your puppy has diarrhea but still playful, it’s ideal to call the vet if the episodes of passing watery feces has been happening for days. These conditions might not be serious at the beginning, but they can be doing serious internal harm.

It could be nothing more than the change in food but it is best seen and checked out. After the stool is back to normal, begin mixing the bland food with their dog food. This is why, if your dog has diarrhea regularly, but otherwise seems normal, you should still take them to the vet for a checkup.

I'll do all i can to help. I has had minor episodes in the past but nothing to be alarmed. Puppy has had diarrhea 5 days.

Oliver has had diarrhea on and off for about 5 days. Anymore days than that, you are risking dehydration. Is that … read more.

My dog has had diarrhea for the last 3 days, but acts normal and playful. First signs of very soft stool and diarrhea. Since we got her which was 3 months ago she has pretty much diarrhea about two times a week which lasts for anywhere between half a day to two days.

Sickness and diarrhea is the most common reason puppies are seen as an emergency. A puppy with diarrhoea may be struggling to adapt if you change their diet. With large bowel diarrhea, your dog may be supremely uncomfortable and the continued straining will only make the irritation worse.

Hello, i have a five month old yorkshire terrier. #9 freyja, aug 25, 2013. Hello everyone, i have a 4 month old puppy currently going through a bad spell of diarrhea.

There are several possible reasons for a puppy to have diarrhea. Hi my dog has mucus in her stool with a little bit of blood, she’s still playful but i’m concerned there is something else going on. First of all, it is possible that she has an upset digestive tract due to a change in food or even due to stress especially if she has recently come from her mom to your place.

It’s very common in newly rehomed puppies for a variety of reasons, including the stress of rehoming, parasites including worms and amoebae, bacterial infections, viral infections (including the deadly parvovirus), dietary indiscretion and rapid changes in diet, vitamin. Mild versus severe puppy diarrhea. Sickness and diarrhea in puppies.

But the poop was still yellowish and wet. I have taken her back to the vets.

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