Don't forget playtime and sturdy chew. Treat her good, good food, fresh water, exercise play and rest.

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy For Years

This little girl is going to be your best friend the rest of her life.

Puppy sleeping a lot after spay. A dog that is going through psychological difficulties such as anxiety, stress, and boredom would sleep a lot. Redirect your puppy’s energy after spaying. Changes in estrogen and progesterone levels affect the urinary sphincter mechanism.

If your dog is stressed or feeling anxious, you will notice them becoming lethargic and they will doze off often. She was spayed at 7 months old and was still a young puppy at that age with boundless energy; A spay is a major surgery and there are a lot of internal stitches that you would never be able to see.

Although that’s most of the day, nap time is necessary for young dogs. It often takes a day or two for pets to feel like themselves again. After an hour of play or just being awake, a puppy may sleep for 30 minutes to an hour or longer.

Also, the risk of complications during the recovery phase goes up with older dogs, especially with those who weigh a lot. My dog was too active after spay surgery (personal story) our dog was just like this. This can even be true right after her procedure.

It helps maintain healthy growth and rest between their rambunctious play times. My puppy is about 6.5 months old. Why is my dog peeing around the house after getting spayed almost a week ago?

Incontinence after spaying normally happens when your dog is sleeping or at rest. According to popular culture, these changes are positive. Spay surgery involves anesthesia that can make your dog drowsy for a while, which is why vets usually keep pets until they have fully come out of anesthesia.

In an ideal world, we would hear the truth puppy training guides. If your puppy has just been spayed, you want to make sure they are not overly active after the surgery. Some dogs have episodes of urinary incontinence.

They can spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping. Even though your puppy has just been spayed, she will have a lot of energy. Vetericyn notes that some practices may keep dogs overnight for observation after a spay, while some dogs may be ready to go home later in the afternoon on the same day of their surgery.

If there’s one thing that most pet owners know to expect after a spay or neuter surgery, it’s the infamous cone of shame. Talk to your veterinarian about this. It could be a complication of surgery or a coincidence.

A tendency to gain weight is one symptom that can occur after spaying. Specifically, puppies have a lot of energy. The stitches could be bothering her.

As always though, these are just my opinions and experiences. Having had jet, our youngest dog, who is just under nine months old, spayed five days ago i thought it would be a good idea here at the dog blog to give a little advice on dog spaying and tell what happened to our dogs after being spayed. She was previously potty trained.

She's been doing great, no potty training issues, sleeping through the night, getting very well socialized at her daycare, just generally being an awesome dog. Another symptom some dogs experience is a decrease in stamina. Female dog spaying aftercare is especially important and there are a few things we should all know.

In fact, it might take some time for this complication to present itself. It’s important to let her rest, keeping her still will be essential for an uneventful recovery. Hi all, got such great advice the last time i was here i thought i would try this group again.

She may cry or moan a little, and might just feel like sleeping. The cost of neutering your dog is less than the expenses incurred in 10. Alexandra gave you some good advice.

Although you won't see much external activity in a puppy during this period (all they want to do is eat and sleep), there's a lot going on inside. It’s completely normal for your dog to be quieter than normal when she returns home after her spay. Taking the pup out immediately after it wakes up, immediately after eating/drinking, in the middle of play and after play, etc.

In summary, many changes occur in female dog behavior after they are spayed. Puppies are born with their eyes and ears firmly closed and without any teeth. I think the normal basic approach is restricting water after say 7pm (unless weather is extremely hot or the pup/dog is ill) then taking the pup out immediately before bedtime.

In fact this is a very critical stage of puppy development and all that sleeping is actually playing an important role as puppies do most of their growing during that time. Your dog could have a urinary tract infec. Males have been known to stop eating and sleeping if they are living in the same house with a female in heat.

Also known as an “elizabethan collar,” the plastic cones are widely used by vets and animal hospitals, as a cheap and effective method to prevent dogs from reaching their incisions and/or pulling out stitches. It may be unlikely that she's hurt herself, but i think it's definitely better to be overly cautious than let something like this get worse without knowing it. If your dog loses control of urine unexpectedly, contact your veterinarian.

Maybe a time or two through the night also. This is the muscle group in the urethra near the bladder that. This is a result of the operation they have just gone through and the hormonal changes they occur after the procedure.

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