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The first trust is your own in finding a responsible breeder and it is your most important step in finding a new best friend. Finding the best breeders is the most valuable resource. They work as a bridge between you and your dog, and you depend on them for the dog’s life. The best breeder is your guide to all things dog related; They suggest those effective things that are good for the dog and its health forever. It is important that you do your homework before hiring a breeder, committing with them before making any major decision.

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Some tips for finding a responsible breeder

Get to know the breeder

If you personally know about the trending breeds that is good, otherwise you will have to visit the breeder personally, which you do in his kennel and in his house. During your visit you observe the dogs and the breeder, are their premises clean, the breeder shows you their passion for dogs, the dogs are well fed, odor free and the most important thing that struck you when meeting him is the behavior of the dog dog with the breeder, whether it is good or not, or behavior with a stranger. Both puppies and dogs do not shy away from the breeder and are open to strangers.

Must ask question

When finding a breeder, you need to do your homework and be prepared for the questions you may ask the breeder about the breed and the puppies. So be careful when asking the questions and don’t ask too many questions to be annoying. The questioner only sees her/his facial reactions. If he/she shows patience and clears up all your droughts and you feel better and get a good report, the main thing is that you are happy with your breeder. The most important conversation is that you are working with a good breeder that he or she has relied on throughout your dog’s life.

See the puppy’s parents

You need to see your Premier Pups parents and you see the pup’s future as you look at his parents. The temperature allows you to tell the size and appearance of your dog. And you can choose the best puppy for yourself.

Be patient

Don’t be hasty and bring home a puppy the same day. You will have to wait two to three months of his life because the breeder will take it much better than you and the puppy will be mature and socializing with his mother and littermates. The main focus is on the puppy’s transition; This gives you plenty of time to puppy-proof your home and learn many things about the puppy before welcoming him home.


If breeders are genuine and reputable, they will not shy away from showing health checks such as OFA and CERF certificates. You can ask questions about the health conditions and an excellent good breeder will give you a good explanation and the typical implications of this breed so you know what to look out for over the long term.

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