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Several candidates could win at Arizona State… Deion Sanders could be the best choice

To be clear, Deion Sanders’ message was strictly related to what he was and is building in Jackson State.

Don’t let embezzlement or quotes take it out of context.

As Jackson State’s sophomore head coach Sanders, who has posted an amazing 14-2 record in his first two fall campaigns and brought unprecedented attention to his and other HBCU football teams, he outlined Monday his overall philosophy for building the program of the Tigers , it sounded that such a prospect would be optimal in Arizona state as well.

The Sun Devils fired Herm Edwards on Sunday; a term that should have ended at least a year ago has mercifully come to an end at last.

“Because we have an abundance of young people who just want to blend into the crowds and cliques and whoever,” Sanders said of why he’s focused on challenging his players to fulfill their inner potential.

“They forget that there is a certain level of dedication, dominance and perfection that you can claim if you want to. If you are on Instagram and start following people, you should observe the patterns. If they don’t lead you where you want to go, then you should stop following them because it doesn’t make sense.”

There’s no shortage of high-profile candidates for the Sun Devils head coaching job, and in a year that will almost certainly have less cache than 2021’s hit-on-16 blackjack cycle, ASU will likely be one of the premium contenders openings in this cycle.

And this carousel already features an opening in former college football mecca Lincoln, Neb., and will almost certainly follow in major metro areas from Atlanta to north of Denver and beyond.

Who knows what might happen in the prairie’s most dysfunctional little village, aka Auburn?

There’s a case for Deion Sanders for all of them.

There are many strengths for Kendal Briles, Kenny Dillingham, Josh Gattis, Charles Huff; It’s not hard to say that the Sun Devils need to investigate Hugh Freeze, Bronco Mendenhall, former offensive coordinator Mike Norvell, or even Bill O’Brien, who has navigated scandals before and is not intimidated by Edward’s trash heap left behind in this situation would let .

However, Coach Prime seems to bring the whole package.

To ASU, possibly in Atlanta and countless other directions. Sanders is a former standout professional athlete in both Major League Baseball and the NFL.

The Arizona State campus is a few dozen miles from downtown Phoenix, and there’s little shortage of entertainment in the Valley of the Sun.

But also the recruitment, because the prep football is excellent in the region, there is not exactly a lack of the right coaches in the region.

Think Sanders couldn’t arouse interest? Jackson State is enjoying a viewing renaissance the likes of which the program has never seen, at a time when butts in the stands in college football — and many other sports — are a common problem.

Do you think Sanders, who is already in a better position this cycle due to the interest and interviews in the last one, doesn’t understand the marketing element but also understands the need to limit outside distractions among players?

“So many leaders who really aren’t leaders … I’ll just put it this way, just because you walk at the top doesn’t mean you lead,” Sanders said Monday, addressing the potential for social media to distort reality can especially among young people. “We have a lot of youngsters who follow people who go to the front and they are not leaders.

“I pray to God that we understand who, what, when, where, how in any form or way because young people are our future. Really our future. And I’m willing to invest everything I have in her.”

Already heavily active with transfer players through the NCAA transfer portal — the Tigers’ roster is littered with Power 5 newcomers — Sanders is also capitalizing on the potential of name, image and likeness opportunities.

Whatever is said about Deion Sanders’ outspoken opinions and over-the-top recordings, his investment in young people is undeniable.

Which major college football program will make the ultimate investment in Coach Prime?

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