A dog crate is basically a box with a bottom, four sides and a top, like the midwest icrate single door fold and carry dog crate. Read on for points you may want to consider.

Where Should My Puppy Sleep at Night? Sleeping puppies

It can also make a big difference in house training!

Should i leave my puppy in a crate or pen. Basically, a puppy pen is a portable fence that can be used indoors or out. In a previous article i discussed how and when to use a dog crate and the times you can and should crate your dog. Rest area (usually your puppy's crate) the size of the pen depends on the size of your puppy, but shouldn’t be so big that they have potty accidents anywhere but in the designated potty area.

In short, it’s not recommended to leave dogs in crates for too long, especially if you have a puppy. Use the puppy pen whenever you need to leave your pup unsupervised longer than they can be crated. A crate should be your dog’s designated space to relax and sleep (never a punishment!), while a playpen keeps her secure in a smaller area of your home.

In my experience, young puppies do better when their crate is in closer proximity to their family as they transition from sleeping next to littermates to sleeping on their own in a crate or pen. Ideally, neither the crate nor the playpen is better than the other — they just have different purposes. Dogs are social animals and can become distressed when they feel isolated, which can lead to behavioral issues such as separation anxiety.

Adult dogs can stay in for 8 hours or so, although they should still be let out in. Using an exercise pen would allow you to leave your puppy some snacks and some water, along with a place to potty, and a place to sleep while you are at work. And puppies over 4 months old can stay in for five hours.

A crate can be used incorrectly, it can be used in. The dos and don’ts of crate training your dog or puppy while crate training may not be appropriate in every situation, it can be an extremely helpful management tool. Getting your puppy ready for a puppy play pen can help them know when high energy is appropriate and when they need to relax.

Often, it also offers more visibility. In the battle of puppy pen vs crate, neither side is the loser, because both have useful purposes. They provide plenty of safe space for your puppy to stretch out, eat, drink, and play in.

It has a lot more room than a crate which means he will be able to walk, lie down, and play in it. When choosing a dog crate, make sure it’s large enough for your pup to walk in, turn around and lie down. My puppy didn't translate so well between crate=den to playpen=den.

… putting your puppy in their play pen is a great idea if you work from home, as it gives them a safe area to relax or play while you get some work done. Teaching your puppy how to tolerate, and hopefully enjoy, both a crate and a pen is. Bladder control is the main issue, and it’s not something that you can resolve with pure will.

Teaching your puppy to tolerate, and preferably like, a crate and a pen will undoubtedly benefit you in the future. There may be times you can’t remove your puppy from the crate immediately, such as unloading groceries the car, so varying the routine from the beginning is a good idea. This article follows on from that and discusses how not to use a dog crate, the times a dog should not be crated and in some cases, dogs that should never be crated at all.

You want them to love them and look at them as their homes, so use them for teaching and relaxation. ‘my baby is sleeping’ by polina f under cc by 2.0. She is probably in the crate around 8 hours for night, and the play pen about 10 hours in total during the day.

I feel guilty about having the puppy in the play pen so much but i need to get work done. Right now we have the puppy in the crate at night which is going fine, and the puppy is in the play pen most of the day since i work from home. Neither should be too small for movement or used as a punishment tool.

I think it might be a better solution than using a crate/cage since your puppy won’t be able to hold his pee or bowel movements while you are away all day at this age. If you have to leave him longer than that, leave him with an appropriate place to relieve himself away from his bed. ), while a playpen keeps her safe in a smaller section of your home.

A playpen is a place where your puppy can play and do some stretching. A young puppy 8 to 10 weeks old should only be in a crate for an hour at most; Instead, if you need to go to work, it’s best to ask someone to check up on the dog during the day or go home at your lunch break.

Should you get a wooden crate or playpen for your puppy? The main differences between a dog crate and a dog pen are size and design. However, i highly recommend both crate and expen for training.

The bottom line on puppy pen vs crate. A crate should be your dog’s designated relaxation and sleeping room (never a punishment! A new puppy is a fun, playful, cute, and often messy addition to the family.

Your puppy should now be used to you leaving for very short periods of about a half hour. When you use the playpen, you’ll know your pet is safe and secure. (if not, go back a step.) now you will leave for longer periods.

There’s even room for a pee pad during the potty training process.

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