Puppy Barking At Night Neighbours

Last week our neighbour came to our door to ask us to stop the night barking, as it’s disturbing them and their children. It's not […]

Puppy Hates Crate At Night

Our current puppy wanted nothing to do with sleeping in the crate at night. For example, many people who crate their puppies at night keep […]

Puppy Diarrhea And Vomiting At Night

Coli, clostridium, and other germs. Do not panic since dogs sometimes suffer from diarrhea or loose bowels during the night. Vomiting and Diarrhea in Dogs […]

Puppy Barking At Night All Of A Sudden

Sadly, the most common medical cause behind sudden nightly barking is canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (cds), a disease that typically affects older dogs. If a […]

Puppy Barking At Night Outside

She sleeps in a crate, and we’re sure she’s not barking because she needs to pee — she’s either just gone outside or doesn’t go […]

Puppy Diarrhea At Night Reddit

Thankfully, you can help treat your pup's ailment using pumpkin, which can help harden feces and get the puppy feeling better. The few cases i […]

Puppy Barking At Night Again

We put her in the crate at 9:30ish every night and she is still settling in there and (we think) immediately going to sleep. Keep […]