Lab Puppy Scratching A Lot

Many factors can contribute to dry and itchy skin on your black lab. Why do labradors get ear infections? Kitty, Kitten, Fur babies And apparently […]

Puppy Scratching Itself A Lot

If you’re dog is an indoor/outdoor pup, he or she has more than likely picked up some fleas along the. As a dog owner, you […]

Beagle Puppy Scratching A Lot

They can also be harmful. I’m feeding the puppy formula. didn't get tummy scratches like this in that old stinking The allergy may cause a […]

Boxer Puppy Scratching A Lot

Depending on where you reside, your dog (and you), could be prone to dry skin. Check the dog’s skin, especially in the itchiest areas. Dogs […]