Dog Collar Size Chart In Inches

Chihuahua & teacup yorkshire terrier. (make sure to convert all measurements into inches before ordering.) see the size chart below and watch our video: Freedom […]

Dog Collar Size Chart By Breed

Remember, it is always good to measure your dog’s neck before making your purchase and reference your numbers with the size chart. Size chart for […]

Puppy Collar Size Chart By Breed

Puppy growth chart by breed size. The heights of the dogs of the breed can range between 28 and 42 inches! Size Guide Pet it […]

Pet Collar Size Chart

Adding the two fingers should make the collar size about 2″ larger than the dog’s neck size (maybe closer to 1″ on very small dogs.) […]

Kong Puppy Binkie Size

Kong toys have been enriching dogs for over 40 years, strengthening the bond between dog and pet parent along the way. Also, it lessens the […]