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The Netflix original series Hemlock Grove is leaving the service

One of Netflix’s first original series, Hemlock GroveShe will leave the streaming service in October. Netflix’s latest newsletter, announcing content changes for the month of October, has a single line item mentioning that Hemlock Grove will be leaving Netflix on October 22nd. It’s a quiet and unceremonious move that’s quickly making waves among Netflix viewers and industry analysts alike, as it marks something of a milestone in Netflix’s content strategy.

It has been noted that the current streaming wars between studios have taken a new turn in 2022. As business entities continue to change (Warner Bros. Discovery) and strategies are completely overhauled (Disney), there have been instances where some original series have started to drag. Netflix, following this trend, is somewhat surprising in that the company has been making evergreen content blocks the main focus of its streaming library all along. So for a major original series like this to be canceled is…something.

(Photo: Netflix)

Hemlock Grove is a horror thriller series created by Brian McGreevy (based on his novel) and produced by Hostel director Eli Roth. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black were the others). The show also helped Netflix break into the prestige lane occupied by the likes of HBO; Hemlock Grove was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards after Season 1 (Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, Outstanding Special Visual Effects), and Netflix walked away with two Emmys for House of Cards. Additionally, the world of Hemlock Grove’s supernatural characters gained a cult following before hashtags and social media provided the larger platform for shows to go viral. Hemlock Grove ran for three seasons before ending in October 2015.

Hemlock Grove also helped usher in a new generation of young actors and helped some established ones open the trail of streaming TV as a legitimate career path. The most notable breakthrough was Bill Skarsgård, whose disturbing screen persona on the show helped land him the role of Pennywise the Clown on Warner Bros. IT films. Skarsgård is now a horror icon himself and is currently starring in the hit horror film Barbarian.

You can read the summary for Hemlock Grove under. Better watch it now before it shuts down from Netflix on October 22nd.

Secrets are part of everyday life in the small town of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, where the darkest of evils lurk in plain sight. When a young girl is brutally murdered and found near the former Godfrey Steelworks, rumors begin to spread and two of the suspects in her murder, Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboiron), a 17-year-old gypsy trash kid, are suspected to be a werewolf his , and Roman (Bill Skarsgård), the heir to the Godfrey estate, decide to find the killer themselves.

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