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The Syracuse defense holds the ground after two first-half turnovers and maintains a 13-0 lead

SYRACUSE, NY – The Syracuse soccer team meets the Virginia Cavaliers Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the JMA Wireless Dome.

The game will be broadcast on ESPN.

View in-game team and individual stats here.

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second quarter

Virginia Drive begins at 8:23 a.m. at its own 25-yard line

Tucker is out of the medical tent, sipping water and joining the offensive group on the bench. He didn’t go into the dressing room.

Syracuse Drive begins at 10:32 a.m. at its own 25-yard line

Courtney Jackson bounces back in time to catch a timing route for a quick first down.

Sean Tucker is on the field on the other sideline for the next game. Tucker passed out and isn’t moving. Dino Babers is out to check his star back with 10:00 left in the second quarter.

Virginia players kneel for Tucker, who suddenly appears and runs off the field.

He goes to the medical tent to be examined. LeQuint Allen in the game.

On the 3rd and 8th, Shrader has to crawl and gets past the Marter well past. Syracuse is making its debut tonight.

Virginia Drive begins at 11:32 a.m. at the SU 32-yard line

Virginia gets another short field here after a turnover. It could not convert a scoring opportunity.

Armstrong processes a low snap but fires past Thompson, who can’t find the ball. It quickly brings up 3rds and 10s from the SU 32-yard line. The noise of the crowd forces the left tackle to mislaunch, likely putting UVA out of field goal range (Farrell has already missed two kicks).

On the catch and run, Wicks reaches the 25-yard line.

Farrell is on the sidelines. 4th and 3rd place Garrett Williams with the PBU on Thompson.

It’s a turnover on downs. SU’s defense holds here after the sudden change of ownership.

Syracuse Drive begins at 12:48 p.m. at its own 33-yard line

Garrett Shrader throws his first interception of the season. It wasn’t particularly close to a receiver. SU has two turnovers here in the first half.

Virginia Drive begins at 2:06 p.m. at its own 16-yard line

Elijah Fuentes is used here for the orange defensive line. A good open field tackle from Duce Chestnut puts UVA in 3rd and 5th place.

Armstrong throws it up to Wicks on the left touchline. Chestnut is in cover and the pass is overturned. Virginia will punt. First three-and-outs for both sides tonight.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 13, Va. 0 with 14:15 second quarters remaining

Syracuse Drive begins at 12:47 a.m. at the UVA 28-yard line

Shrader is stopped for a loss on the 3rd and 9th and the Orange have to settle for another field goal in the red.

Szmyt sinks the 32-yarder.

first quarter

Syracuse Drive begins at 12:47 a.m. at the UVA 28-yard line

Robert Anae chooses the trick play: Shrader flips it over to Pena, who goes long for Tucker. It entails a defensive pass disturbance and SU is back in the red zone for the third time in four drives here in the opening quarter.

On the last move of the quarter, Shrader tosses it slightly past Devaughn Cooper. They will take a walk across the field and pick up the 3rd and 9th on the other side of the break.

Shrader Q1 Stats: 6-for-10 for 91 yards (17 rush yards and one score)

Gadsden: four catches for 64 yards

Tucker: seven carries for 20 yards (2.9 ypc) and one catch for 15 yards.

Virginia Drive starts 0:54 at their own 29-yard line

Mikel Jones delivers a big hit for special teams.

Alijah Clark forces a fumble on the first pull and Garrett Williams grabs it from the air. Syracuse has again achieved a sales margin of plus six this year.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 10, Va. 0 with 1:00 in the first quarter

Syracuse Drive begins at 5:17 a.m. at its own 31-yard line

Shrader extends the game and tries to throw Max Mang hard. He responds with a strike on Pena for a first down.

Hard throw from Shrader, who looks for a well-defended Courtney Jackson on the other side of the field. SU gets slightly past the original line of scrimmage on a post-Gadsden deal.

On the 3rd and 9th, Shrader hits Gadsden in the walk. Clean bag for No. 6. Gadsden is up to 64 yards on four receptions.

A brief win by Tucker is enough to overtake Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis on the school’s career rushing list. Tucker is now 12th on the list. Shrader flicks one to Tucker for another first in the red zone.

On the 3rd and 8th, Shrader searches for Damien Alford, but the two are unable to connect.

Andre Szmyt came on for the 26-yard field goal attempt.

Virginia Drive begins at 7:20 a.m. at the SU 37 yard line

Wax catches up with Armstrong in 3rd and close place to score another field goal attempt for Farrell.

His shot from 49 yards goes wide again to the right.

Syracuse Drive begins at 7:27 at its own 33-yard line

Sean Tucker loses the fumble on the first carry of the drive. The defender got behind him and knocked him out.

This is Syracuse’s first sale of the season.

Virginia Drive begins at 12:18 p.m. at its own 25-yard line

Anwar Sparrow, who hails from Virginia, starts with McDonald as a linebacker.

Brennan Armstrong dodges the pass rush and crawls to the 35 yard line, just good enough to move the chains.

Syracuse quickly brings UVA back to 3rd and long place. Armstrong gets the ball out before Caleb Okechukwu can get there and completes it to Dontayvion Wicks for another first down in midfield.

Big throw down: Kevon Darton grabbed Armstrong’s leg. He’s a little limping when he gets up. Play leads to a defensive pass interference and a new set of downs.

On the 3rd and 1st, UVA right tackle Jonathan Leech is flagged for a false start. This causes Armstrong to shoot down. Marlowe Wax arrives late but no flag. Armstrong passes Keytaon Thompson.

Brendan Farrell’s 51-yard field goal is a little low and to the right. Not good.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 7, Va. 0 with 12:18 in the first quarter

Syracuse Drive begins at 2:49 p.m. at the UVA 41-yard line

Trebor Pena, returning from injury, returns the opening kick 57 yards over midfield.

Shrader hits Oronde Gadsden II diagonally across the middle and Syracuse is quickly within field goal range. Shrader returns to Gadsden for another first down. The orange comes out quickly and is in the red zone.

Syracuse brings 12 staffers, but Tucker is stopped to take third place. Tucker is then propped up before crossing the goal line on a pass into the left plane. Virginia accepts Syracuse’s hold and bites her you-know-where.

Shrader scans the field and then takes off, easily clearing the lone defender to score from 17 yards out.


Good evening from the JMA Wireless Dome, where Syracuse (3-0, 1-0 ACC) look set to remain undefeated as they host Virginia (2-1).

These two clubs last met in 2015, treating us to a triple overtime thriller that saw Eric Dungey memorably overpower UVA safetyman Quin Blanding en route to a touchdown.

The trainers that day? Scott Shafer and Mike London. Both were fired at the end of the season and replaced by Dino Babers and Bronco Mendenhall, respectively.

Virginia is now managed by first-year head coach Tony Elliott, who took the job after Mendenhall’s sudden retirement at the end of last season. Of course, two of Mendenhall’s longtime chieftains, Robert Anae and Jason Beck, are now on Babers’ revamped coaching staff.

We’re about an hour from kick-off.

In front of the dome I met sports administrator Andrew Goodrich. He is working on his last football game before joining Gardner-Webb in North Carolina as the new athletic director.

Goodrich’s advice tonight: Watch student turnout. They will all be dressed in blue.

Slot receiver/return specialist Trebor Pena is dressed as the team enter the field to warm up. Coach Dino Babers hinted earlier in the week that Pena would be available for a suit following last week’s injury-related 32-29 win over Purdue.

Wide receiver Isaiah Jones, who Babers said would likely be sidelined for the remainder of the season, has his right arm in a sling.

And another important absence: Linebacker Derek McDonald won’t be playing tonight.

There’s a big Scout presence here tonight: We’re told that 27 Scouts representing 21 NFL teams are expected in the building.


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