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UFC ‘Contender Series’ Results: Live Stream Play-by-Play Updates – Season 6, Ep 9

Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) once again closes the gap in a week without an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) with the penultimate episode of Season 6, which begins as usual at 8:00 p.m. ET on ESPN+.

As has become tradition for his season, all five winners from the past week have their tickets punched into the Octagon. Bruna Brasil stole the show with a vicious headbutt knockout, although Farid Basharat, Ikram Aliskerov, Josh Peek and Daniel Marcos all impressed in their own way.

We have another international lineup in store this week, led by Albania’s Leon Aliu (10-1) against Brazil’s Brunno Ferreira (8-0). The co-star hosts the night’s biggest attraction, 17-year-old bantamweight Raul Rosas Jr. (5-0) who takes on the once-beaten Mando Gutierrez (5-0). At 265, Fury FC champion Austen Lane (11-3) battles Richard Jacobi (6-0-1), while Tajikistan’s Nurullo Aliev (6-0) takes on Josh Wick (12-5) at 155. Finally Roybert Echeverria (7-0) meets Jafel Filho (13-2) in the flyweight opener.

Quick Results of the ‘Contender Series’:

Leon Aliu versus Brunno Ferreira
Raul Rosas Jr vs Mando Gutierrez
Austen Lane vs Richard Jacobi – Lane def. Jacobi by TKO (punches) at 4:34 of the first round
Nurullo Aliev vs. Josh Wick – Aliev defeated. Wick of TKO (punches) at 4:36 of the first round
Roybert Echeverria vs. Jafel Filho – Filho defeated. Echeverria by TKO (punches) at 1:31 of round three

Contender Series play-by-play results:

185 lbs.: Leon Aliu vs. Brunno Ferreira

Round one:

Round Two:

Round three:

end result:

135 lbs.: Raul Rosas Jr. vs. Mando Gutierrez

Round one:

Round Two:

Round three:

end result:

265 lbs.: Austen Lane vs. Richard Jacobi

Round one: Lane low kick to the start. Counterattack 1-2 lands for Jacobi. More kicks from Lane, culminating in an inside low kick straight to the groin that makes Jacobi groan in pain. Despite this, he only needs 90 seconds to recover. Nice body kick from Lane. A minute later. He storms in and Jacobi wraps a body lock that takes him straight into the mount. He stays heavy for a while, stands up briefly for a few shots, and then goes back down. After two minutes. Still stay heavy, do nothing. Lane sweeps into the station. Two more minutes.

Jacobi goes for a sloppy armbar, can’t grab it and tries to pin Lane against him. Lane ground and pound. He straightens up and starts dropping bigger shots a minute before the end. Another sloppy armbar attempt by Jacobi and Lane responds by pounding him with punches until the referee intervenes.

End result: Lane def. Jacobi by TKO (punches)

155 lbs.: Nurullo Aliev vs. Josh Wick

Round one: Wick fires low kicks. Aliev pushes him to the fence, then he shoots. Wick ends up ramming his thumb into Aliev’s eye as he tries to defend himself, so they stop and bring in the doctor. They back up against the fence, where Aliev continues. First throw unsuccessful. Aliev’s knee after a minute. He pulls Wick into cover. Good elbow after two minutes. More elbows pile up. Two more minutes.

Hold Wick at the foot of the fence. Both seem to be scratching each other’s eyes. Keep working on the ground-and-pound. He speeds it up with a minute to go, teeming with punches and elbows until the referee intervenes.

Bottom Line: Aliev defeated. Wick of TKO (punches)

125 lbs.: Roybert Echeverria vs. Jafel Filho

Round one: Filho early on the front foot. Looking for low kicks. Echeverria attempts a front kick and lands a leg kick. One minute in. So far no real connections other than low kicks. Filho fires a double leg, persisting as Echeverria fights for underhooks. Two minutes later. Drag Echeverria through the cage. Nice Granby roll from Echeverria to deny it and land on top avoiding a toe hold. Filho puts him back on the fence. Good bodylock takedown and he jumps on Echeverria’s back. He has the RNC locked in on the chin. Two more minutes.

Echeverria fights back and Filho keeps looking for the choke. Echeverria survives again, twisting into the front position and kicking his legs. Just a minute. Still standing over Filho. Both step on each other’s feet. 10-9 Filho.

Round two: jab exchange. Echeverria counters a low kick with a right cross to throw him off balance. Echeverria fires low kicks, attempts a front kick, and attempts a switch head kick. One minute in. Hard lead on the right. Filho comes back with a 1-2, landing a sharp left hook and a low kick. Better entry on the next double leg and he switches back to the back body lock takedown, Granby rolls past Echeverria after two minutes looking for a heel hook. Filho denies it and looks for his own. Echeverria is above him with two minutes to go.

Again, Echeverria just hops around and kicks his legs. They stay there for 40 seconds before the referee finally sets them up. Echeverria lowkick, Filho left hook. Echeverria tries to turn with a minute to go. Hard 3:2 by Filho. Echeverria responds with a side kick to the midsection. He avoids excitement. He’s looking for a late double leg and Filho faces a guillotine. 10-9 Filho.

Round three: Filho tops a spin with a low kick, then lands a good left hook. Echeverria bodykick eats a left hook below. Body jab and low kick land for him, then a sparkling wheel kick. Combination. He seems to be waking up a bit. Good low kick and Filho definitely doesn’t move properly on that leg. After a minute, Filho falls short with a flying knee and lands an inside low kick. Echeverria misses with a headbutt and Filho comes back with a vicious left hook that throws him hard against the fence. Filho hits him with punches while he’s stuck on his knees and while Echeverria protests the stoppage, that was quite a lot of unanswered shots.

Final result: Filho def. Echeverria by TKO (punches)

For more Contender series News and notes can be found directly in our comprehensive archive here.

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