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WATCH: Rookie Faceoff vs SJ – Live Stream & Match Thread

WHO: Los Angeles Kings (1-1-0) vs. San Jose Sharks (2-0-0)
WHAT: 2022 Rookie Faceoff – Game 3
IF: Monday, September 19 – 3 p.m
WHERE: TechCU Arena – San Jose, CA
HOW TO FOLLOW: VIDEO: Livestream below – TWITTER: @ShafReign, @LAKings

*Note – Live stream is expected at 3pm – Stream is only available for Los Angeles and San Jose TV markets, may be blocked in other markets

Kings 3, San Jose 0

third period
19:47 – Another PK completed for the Kings to start a period. The whole group did a great job on penalties this week.
16:09 – The Sharks injured themselves with penalties today. Mayer walks away for a second time, this time a reversal resulting from a Byfield takedown.
11:49 – A candid look for Akil Thomas was caught by the gauntlet of Gaudreau. Good opportunity and overall shift for Thomas in his second game of the rookie event.
5:57 – The Kings, led by Hrenak, did a good job with the lead in the third period. They keep pushing for opportunities but don’t let long shifts catch them.
1:10 – LAK Goal, Jamsen. After a blocked Byfield shot, Jamsen inserts his second goal of the day in an empty net to seal the game for the Kings. Tyler Madden, the third member of the line, earned the primary assist.
0:00 – A combined shutout for Ingham and Hrenak gives the Kings plenty to celebrate as they return to Southern California tonight with wins in two of their three games at the 2022 Rookie Faceoff.

second period
19:18 – LAK has successfully completed PK number two. We’re still looking for our first goal of the game as we move on in the middle stages.
16:00 – LAK Goal, Stefan. A ricocheting puck leaving the LAK zone set up a rushing opportunity for James Stefan, who shoved a defender out of the way before backhanding the puck high into the net. 1:0 lac.
12:12 – James Stefan isn’t done yet. He rushed into the offensive zone down the left wing and drew a saved penalty against San Jose’s Artemi Kniazev. Kings to PP.
9:51 – David Hrenak replaces Jacob Ingham in goal. The two planned to split tonight’s game. Ingham ended his part of the action with nine saves.
7:46 – The Kings just weren’t able to get the power play going today. After scoring man-advantage goals in each of the tournament’s first two games, another chance missed a cross-checking minor who was called up to Samuel Mayer.
5:11 – LAK Goal, Jamsen. Starting with a save from Hrenak, Byfield picked up the puck and couldn’t hit Jamsen for long, but he won the race for the puck and stuffed a backhand wraparound into the net to make it a 2-0 game.
1:04 – Mark Liwiski knocked over Brandt Clark near the backboards in the Kings Zone and was called to board. Clarke was slow to get up but returned to the game and saw action on the power play. Unfortunately for LAK, it was another unsuccessful man advantage.
0:47 – Another scrum near the SJ net boiled over and saw gloves contaminate the ice. Penalties went to Max McCue for SJ and Kaleb Lawrence for LA. Lawrence was given an extra two minutes for the elbow, putting the Kings on penalties for the remainder of the period.
0:00 – The Kings overtake SJ 12-5 in the second period and now have a two-goal lead with 20 minutes to go.

First period
20:00 – The Kings’ third and final game of the 2022 Rookie Faceoff is underway!
16:55 – Haie came out quickly and put pressure on LAK in the opening minutes. Jacob Ingham had to make three saves early on.
15:54 – A quick reply from the Kings top line put the puck back in the SJ end. Led by Byfield, who feels comfortable here, LAK have their first chances to score against SJ goalkeeper Benjamin Gaudreau.
14:04 – Kaleb Lawrence had LA’s best opportunity early on and found himself open to a direct look at the net, which was turned sideways.
13:05 – After a nice save from Ingham on the left pad, the Kings took the puck the other way and created another offensive chance that resulted in a save from San Jose’s Artem Guryev.
10:11 – LAK got nothing on their first PP opportunity. The game had an added advantage early on as several scrums had to be stopped after the whistle.
9:15 – Helge Grans just had a shot off the bar before going up and over the net. Even with a score of 6:6 at the beginning it was a goalless game with shots on goal.
8:07 – A high hit by Guryev on Tyler Madden was called to elbowing. Another chance for the Kings for man advantage in the opening frame.
6:03 – A lone shot on target was all the Kings managed on their second extra man opportunity.
4:28 – Francesco Pinelli has been called out for a penalty for a nasty hit, giving San Jose their first power play of the day.
1:32 – Just like Saturday, the Kings were up to the task in the penalty shootout, keeping the Sharks off the top of the net. But also like Saturday, LA received a second straight penalty, this time for hanging on to James Stefan.
0:00 – 28 seconds remain on Stefan’s penalty but it was another good start to the penalty for LAK to end the period. Overall not too much action in the first but the physicality of the two teams is definitely something to keep in mind as you move forward.

Lineup of Kings –




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